Welcome to Jon's Brain

This little project was born of a writing challenge.  And like many of my projects, it kinda took on a life of its own.

The original challenge was to create diary for one of my characters, and to include certain types of events or posts.  I was intrigued by the challenge and since my Jonny Muse is a complete Diva who constantly chatters at me I figured I may as well write down what he's saying.  The original Jon's Journal started after a little biscuit I wrote called Just Older, about Our Hero considering his own mortality, LOL.  It covered the South American leg of the Circle Tour and ended with the flight home.

But Jonny couldn't shut up.  He liked having his own Journal, a place to share his observations on the world, or at least the way he thought things worked.  So shortly after I finished the Dear Diary challenge, I started posting again.  Jon's Journal re-started with the Australasia Leg of the Circle Tour and continued all the way through the end of the Live 2011 Tour.

By then he was tired.  So he finally put down his pen and closed up his book.

For those of you new to this story or my writing, this is a daily Journal kept by "Jon" from my Stick to Your Guns fic.  It refers to events discussed in that story and in it's follow-up biscuits, which are collected in my This Is Love, This Is Life blog.  It is loosely based on real events as the band toured the world and enjoyed a few breaks here and there, and follows the continuing saga of our Rock Star and his extended family.

Chances are if you're here it's because you've already read those stories.  If you haven't read Jon and Cate's saga and would like to, just click on the titles above and follow the links.  Or you can click on one of the links below to go to the beginnings of the two Journal Sections.

Jon's Journal Volume I - South America

Jon's Journal Volume II - The Rest of the Tour